Interest Areas

SCHOOL EDUCATION: The Foundation believes that all children have the natural curiosity and the thirst to discover the world in their own way. They have abilities and talents that are waiting to flower. However the opportunities available to them are often unequal. The Foundation aims to support initiatives that bridge the inequities in educational opportunities and work for quality and holistic education in many ways that include the following:

  • Supplementing the teaching process to improve concept formation and raise academic levels of achievement
  • Starting reading programs to develop children’s language and communication skills as well as to encourage creative and critical thinking
  • Initiating art, music, cultural and sports activities to make learning experience more meaningful and enjoyable and foster all round development of children
  • Supporting programs for improving the health, hygiene, food and nutrition practices of the children, especially based on the Indian Systems of Medicine wherever possible
  • Encouraging initiatives to introduce innovative teaching methods and developing teaching tools
  • Creating and fostering environment awareness among the students
  • Helping evolve a better understanding and practice of school education suited to our people and country

HIGHER EDUCATION: The Foundation aims at empowerment of first generation students, particularly girls, to pursue higher studies . It will promote programs that support successful pursuit of college and university education while striving for excellence in the field of higher education and research. Its activities would include the following:

  • Counselling and guidance, financial and mentoring support to enable students to pursue higher education
  • Bridge courses to improve communication skills and performance. Providing placement guidance and help after graduation
  • Exploring how Higher Education and Research could contribute to our economy and society in an equitable and just manner while being globally relevant and competitive

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: The Foundation aims at empowering women by helping them to be economically independent through education and employment

  • Support activities that help girls and women to become economically independent through education and employment
  • Support women to become women entrepreneurs by providing them the access to finance and skills development
  • Support projects that break economic and social barriers against women

VOCATIONAL TRAINING: Not all first generation literate students leave school fully equipped for advanced careers and that those who are talented may leave for economic reasons. Therefore the Foundation will work towards expansion of vocational training opportunities, especially for girls

  • Creating awareness about the vocational and job-oriented training programs, linking students to appropriate courses and extending financial and mentoring support
  • Networking with existing Vocational Training Institutions for enhancing their reach, effectiveness and linking them with employment market and financial institutions
  • Initiating innovative vocational Training Programs where ever necessary

RESEARCH, AWARENESS CREATION AND OPINION MOBILIZATION: The Foundation will support research in education, particularly social-scientific knowledge that is relevant to Indian circumstances

  • Generating as well as disseminating information on issues in the broad domain of Education, Training and Research, emphasizing those aspects that affect the under privileged sections of the society, and mobilizing public opinion in their favour
  • Networking with others working in this space for convergence and effective delivery of services