Support Us

Being a purely voluntary effort, the Foundation needs many forms of support for sustaining and expanding its activities, such as the following:

  1. Donations to the Foundation for its day-to-day functioning, covering salaries, rent, office expenses, transport and meeting costs etc.

  2. Sponsoring our Story Cards Set to schools of your choice, at the rate of around Rs.1400/- per set containing 100 cards.

  3. Supporting students for their college education , at the rate of about Rs. 50,000/- per student per year. The donor can select the student to be supported (boy or girl) , the course of study ( BA, B.Sc., BE etc) to be supported, etc.

  4. Volunteers to work with schools for the less privileged children, including coaching, guidance, mentoring and networking activities.

  5. Help raise CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or other funds for (i) bringing out the Story Cards in different languages, cost of which being around Rs.14 Lakhs for 1000 sets for one language, (ii) taking up specific projects in schools for improving the infrastructure and the teaching-learning processes, or (iii) building ecosystems and networks that assist and enable the children to take up work, training or study programs after passing out of the schools.

Donations to the Foundation are eligible for tax deductions under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Also, the Foundation has certificate of eligibility for receiving CSR grants.

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